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June is Superhero month in the DCIM Support Community. That means for the entire month, you can be someone’s HERO. Get awesome rewards for contributing to upholding the peace and functionality in data centers worldwide. You could win a one-on-one session with a Schneider Electric professional of your choice (see who here). How awesome is that? So, how does it work?. Hang on to your lightsaber, young Padawan - we're getting to that.

Steps to be a Superhero:

  1. You see a question.
  2. You have the answer - even a partial answer.

It can't be that easy, you might say. Well, it is. And if you've ever had a problem resolved by someone in the community, you know the value of an answer. It is priceless. And it's so easy to show your appreciation using the community’s built in rewards features.

How to reward a Superhero

  • UPVOTE questions and your favorite answers to questions.
  • ACCEPT an answer to a question you've asked.

But how do I win this thing?

You earn points by contributing to the community. You get:

 + 15 points when your answer is accepted

 + 10 points each time your question or answer is voted up

 - 2 each time your answer or question is voted down

At the end of June, the Superhero with the most upvoted answer and the Superhero with the most upvoted question will be rewarded. We don’t want to give away too much about the reward. Let's just say it's a showpiece for your desk.

The Community Spirit Award will be given to the Superhero who has made an overall positive impact on the community, and has helped others get most from their DCIM software.

Finally, the Community Superhero of 2015 award, and the grand prize, will be given to the Superhero who earns the most points throughout Superhero Month. The grand prize is an exclusive one-on-one session with a Schneider Electric professional.* 

Why are you still reading this? Go to the community and get started. Go! Go! Go!


*By Schneider Electric professional we mean:

- R&D managers for DCE and DCO

- Product managers for DCE, DCO, NetBotz

- Technical Support managers for DCE, DCO, NetBotz

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