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We had a chat with Søren Bruncke Mikkelsen, one of the DCIM Experts of September 2014, to find out what makes him tick on the DCIM Support Community, at work, and in his spare time. This is your chance to get inside the mind of a top user.

Q: What makes you a top user?

A: I think I am one of the top users due to my experience with the products. I have a personal drive towards making sure people are happy - especially our end-users. Maybe that’s why I am currently a top user. I love helping people, especially in areas where I have knowledge and feel I can make a difference.

Q: What do you think is most valuable about the DCIM Support Community?

A: In my mind, the biggest opportunity for the DCIM Support Community is to get into a world of support were we will see many-to-many communication instead of one-to-one communication. I am absolutely sure I will learn a lot from other StruxureWare for Data Center users.

Q: How do you think online customer support is different from offline forms of support?

A: Online customer support is what support is all about, making sure the most recent information is available and shared to the relevant people. In an online support setup, the supporting team can be proactive compared to offline support which is very often reactive. Hopefully the online approach will give a better user experience.

Q: What got you into the DCIM world?

A: I got into the DCIM world when I joined Schneider Electric seven years ago in the service department. Our focus was around supporting DCIM customers by installing and configuring the products, training end-users and internal people on install/usage of the products, and finally providing support on issues seen at customer sites. After a couple of years in service, I joined the StruxureWare for Data Center Operation (DCO) software development team as scrum master on one of the teams building DCO. This has given me great insight into not only DCO, but all the other StruxureWare for Data Center products available. I was part of the development team until recently, when I became part of the DCIM Support team which felt a bit like coming home. Also, as part of my current role, I'm responsible for running our own data center. The data center hosts the software development server farm, and is of course managed using our StruxureWare products.

Q: What do you do when you're not at work? Any hobbies?

A: I am an active volleyball player, and have been for many years. I also spend time around bikes, both building, fixing, and riding all kinds of bikes. We have a group of colleagues that mountain bike in the nearby forest, and just this week, we also attended a 24 hour Le Mans track bike event. In general, I must admit that doing sports is what clears my mind :-)

Søren Bruncke Mikkelsen is a Technical Community Manager. The role is all about helping evolve the DCIM Support Community as an active expert member. That means assisting and answering support cases, writing documentation to support the products, and on the inside of the company, being a liaison between engineering and technical support. 

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