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Santa’s data center is down. We need your help finding the five elves that can fix it! The elves are hiding in the documentation pages on There are clues below.

Each elf has a letter with him. If you find all five letters, you will get the secret password to Santa’s data center. 

Send the word to us and you could be the winner of a delicious prize. Yum.



1. The light is on, but nobody is home. This elf is retiring servers that are running, but not being used.

2. His skills are off the wire. This elf is setting up a wireless sensor network.

3. Jinx! You owe me a cookie. This elf knows what happens if multiple elves work simultaneously in DCO.

4. Virtually an expert? This elf handles virtual appliances like a pro.

5. Aaand action! This elf is a regular video star.


We will announce the winner on December 19th. The winner will be contacted directly.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Unknown User (piotr) AUTHOR

    The winner has been picked! Find out more here.