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Tips for phrasing a good question:

  • Start with a summary
    Choose a title to your question that summarises the problem you need help solving before going into any details.

    Consider “Upgrade” vs “DCO 8.2 upgrade error”.

  • Provide the context and relevant details
    • Product name and version
    • Configuration details (licenses installed, cluster setup, etc.)
    • System hardware details (dedicated/virtual server, etc.)
    • Be specific (rack PDU or floor mounted PDU)

  • Upload any relevant screenshots (e.g. system error messages)
    Blur out any business sensitive data such a IPs and login credentials.
  • Upload relevant parts of log files, unless they contain business sensitive data

  • Describe what you have done to try to solve the problem yourself
    If relevant, provide steps to reproduce your problem.

  • Select a topic for your question
    Try to be specific. Choosing all of them wont get you an answer faster, but choosing the ones that apply to your question will get the right eyes on it.

When you get an answer...

...and it solved your problem - remember to accept it! It's just a nice way of saying "Thank you" to the person who took time to help you and at the same time you're letting others with the same problem know which answer will solve it.


See you in the community!