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We had a chat with Jeff S, Application Engineer, to see what he's up to at work and in his spare time.

Q: What is a typical day for you?

A: I travel a lot, so it’s more like a typical week. I am usually at a customer site during the week, and get home on Friday.

I mostly do DCO configuration, some DCE and some NetBotz. Typically there’s no hardware installation - I build out rooms in DCO and troubleshoot. I also do special projects, like developing training content for customers.

Q: What are your challenges in the field?

A: Secure sites have strict access policies. Sometimes I can’t see the room I’m building out, and rely on drawings provided by the customer. It’s more difficult to map out power paths when access to a room and breaker panels is limited.


Q: How do you get help when you need it?

A: I call in to the same line our customers use, and submit tickets like anyone else. Sometimes there is no internet access or mobile service. I can usually use the guest wireless, or the customer will give me a laptop on their network to use.

Q: How do you use DCIM Support?

A: DCIM Support is great for getting documentation all in one place. I also submit feature requests and request genomes. When I do software training, I show customers the site.


Q: What do you see changing in the data center world?

A: High density computing is becoming more and more prevalent even in smaller data centers.

Customers are investing in technology to make the most efficient use of their space. That can include everything from power/cooling systems, hot aisle containment (like EcoAisle), servers/storage, DCIM software to manage it all, and everything in between. Customers are becoming more aware of their energy costs and capacity, and are using our software to make the most of it.

Q: How can we best serve our customers on DCIM Support?

A: By being available. For me and for all of us, it’s important that customers use us as a resource and see us as their advocate.

Q: What do you do when you’re not at work? Any hobbies?

A: I like to cook and home brew beer. I’m a fan of the traditional styles pioneered by Trappist monks.


Jeff is an Application Engineer and spends most of his week on customer sites. In his sparetime he cooks and brews beer.

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