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We had a chat with Jørgen Lie, data center manager, to see what he’s up to at work and in his spare time.

Q: What is your role? 

A: I'm the manager for Biogen's global Data Center Operations team, which supports 4 data centers between 1000 and 5000 sq ft, plus about 35 global affiliate offices with smaller 1-2 cabinet solutions.  The team is strictly focused on the data center technologies (Out of Band, UPS, cooling, RPDU, KVM), capacity management, asset management, and provisioning. Our data centers host systems used for biological manufacturing so maintaining a meticulously managed environment is our utmost important job.

Q: What StruxureWare for Data Centers products do you use?
A: We have Struxureware Data Center Operation supporting us with Asset Management and rack elevations, a tool we use daily both operationally but also as a tool in our capacity management.  Data Center Expert monitors our global infrastructure of UPSs, PDUs, cooling units, and environmental monitors.  We’ve integrated DCE with our Incident Management on-call scheduling tool to ensure proper escalation and faster response times.  We do have an instance of Portal up and running, but have struggled to create value added dashboards so we're not fully up to speed there yet.  Next steps for us may be further automation with PowerChute.

Q: How do current industry trends affect you and your business? 
A: Two current trends we experience today are Security threats and a migration towards more cloud based applications. The global security threats translate to a high volume of provisioning around the globe for our team, and heading for the cloud stresses our capacity management to carefully consider and evaluate current provisioning plans and trends.  Our objective is to avoid any expansion until we see our cloud initiatives translate to less footprint.

Q: Five years from now, what do you think will be the most important 
component in running a data center?
A: 5 years from now it will be about modularity of the entire technology stack and completely new and separate rationale towards hosting internally vs externally.  Operationally there will be a smaller shift in processes and organizations to support the complexity of the systems. Technologies are increasingly complex and changes within one technology will most likely impact multiple other systems or users. 

Q: What do you do when you’re not working?
A: When I'm not working I prefer to have fun with my family. It's so much fun with two girls (8 and 6) and a little boy (almost 3) in the house!  When it gets too noisy I head out for some Turfing - a great global GPS based game that runs for a month at a time and really helps motivate exercise and fun. More info at, and the app supports both iPhone and Android.

Jørgen Lie is Data Center Manager. In his spare time he's spending time with his family or heading out for some Turfing.

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