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We had a chat with Ryan Toole, Product Manager for NetBotz, to find out what is next for NetBotz, what makes him tick at work, and what he does in his spare time.

Q: Would you describe your role as NetBotz Product Manager for us?

A: I work closely with many different groups to deliver products that solve real customer problems. To do that, I need to interact with our customers, partners, sales teams, marketing, finance and engineering on a daily basis. Any other product manager would probably say the same thing.

Q: How has NetBotz evolved over the last few years?

A: NetBotz has been on a mission to add a wireless sensor option to our existing sensor offer. It's been a long road, but we're finally there. We now have wireless temperature and humidity sensors, and a wireless sensor pod that can support door sensors, dry contacts, and multiple temperature and humidity sensors.

Q: How are feature requests handled?

A: Feature requests are gathered in a few different ways. The most effective way is interviewing customers at their facility. This gives us a chance to understand the daily challenges our users face first-hand. Customer feedback also comes in through our partners and sales teams, both invaluable sources of information.

Q: Can you share anything else about what’s next for NetBotz?

A: We're working on a NetBotz platform overhaul. There will be higher resolution cameras with new functionality, wireless sensor support out of the box, multiple access control options, and more types of sensors available, both wired and wireless. We're also striving to simplify by reducing the number of appliances, so choosing the right solution doesn't require an expert.

Q: How does the DCIM Support Community benefit NetBotz users?

A: The DCIM Support Community is a great asset for the product teams, NetBotz users, and really anyone interacting with the product. It offers a window where common issues can be discussed and be seen by the entire community. I've seen many quick resolutions come from it, and I personally have searched the site for information that had been posted in the past. From a product management perspective, the DCIM Support Community offers another path for users to request product enhancements or changes.

Q: What do you do when you’re not at work? Any hobbies?

A: I love the outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking whenever I can. Living in New England is great because the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont are only a two hour drive away.

Ryan Toole is a Product Manager for NetBotz. When he is not working hard to make NetBotz as good product as possible, you can find him enjoying outdoor activities - hiking, camping and fishing.

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