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Are you a multilingual user of StruxureWare Data Center Expert, StruxureWare Data Center Operation or NetBotz? Would you like to improve translations in your language? Can you contribute to defining new terms for upcoming versions?

We are opening translation of the products to public contributions. Translation of applications and services would still be done by professional translators, but you, the users of the products can now suggest, correct and vote on suggested translations.

This is another step in recognizing that our users know best. You know which terms are used in your country in the data center industry.

What can you do?

This offer is open to registered product users with valid license,  partner companies and employees of Schneider Electric regional offices.

We need assistance with the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Chinese (PRoC)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Korean

Please register here, and we will contact you once the project starts.



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  1. Anonymous

    May a Partner translate any product menu or other to Serbian language? It might be a benefitial competitive advantage at the local market. It is just a small language (smile)

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Technically, it is very easy for us to add an extra language. But adding a language also requires some commitment to supporting it in future. We consider giving colocators ability to support their tenants with additional languages. This functionality is not available yet.


  2. Anonymous

    Thank you very much Stas. See you in the DCIM Support Group!