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We had a chat with Ryan Harriman, Product Manager for DCE, to find out what is next for DCE, what makes him tick at work, and in his spare time. This is your chance to get inside the head of a product manager.

Q: Would you describe your role as DCE Product Manager for us?

 A: My role has three parts: market research, project management, and tactical support. I spend most of my time speaking with both existing and potential customers to learn their needs and concerns, and then bring this information back to the development team. I also help organize DCE projects along with the development leadership, help create marketing material, and provide global support from the line of business.

Q: How has DCE evolved over the last few years? How have those changes impacted performance?

A: DCE has had a few transitions over the years, from ISX Manager to StruxureWare Central to StruxureWare Data Center Expert. The core product has remained the same, and we have continued to add features. With the next generation of Data Center Expert, we will have the largest transition to date. We are updating the entire application, putting it on a modern platform, allowing users to install it on their own servers and OS. The application will have a web based client, and integration with our sister application DCO will be better.

Q: How are feature requests handled?

A: Feature requests come in through many avenues and are all put into a master list. This list is continually prioritized and evaluated during the release planning process.

Q: Can you share anything else about what’s next for DCE?

A: The main changes you will see in the next generation are a move to allow users to install DCE on their own golden standard server and OS. The updated UI is completely web based, improving use with mobile devices. There are significant changes to the backend of the product, too, that will allow more flexibility and improve performance.

Q: How does the DCIM Support Community benefit DCE users?

A: The DCIM Support Community is a fantastic place for users to congregate and share information. Posting questions, finding answers, and learning how other users are using the software is invaluable. This is a centralized area where product management can see trends, complaints, and praise. It provides great insight into how our customers use the product.

Q: What do you do when you’re not at work? Any hobbies?

A: I have a few hobbies. I enjoy playing guitar, cycling, snowboarding, bouldering, camping, and attempting to train my border collie. I am a bit of a home theater geek, so I spend a lot of time tweaking, upgrading, and dreaming about components in that space.

Ryan Harriman is a Product Manager for DCE - StruxureWare Data Center Expert. When he is not doing market research, project management, and tactical support, you can find him snowboarding, cycling or tweaking the home theater.

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  1. Hi Ryan! Thank you for the interview and your contribution!

    We thank you and your team for the wonderful product!

    Team Russia&CIS.

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